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Over 150 cherished recipes, and the making of the community that loved them.

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This cookbook, 35 years in the making, is the story of two peoples' journey from college student foodies to impassioned business owners, and the recipes that nourished their wide-reaching community.  It's been quite a ride!

About the Author

From the age of two, Barb has been drawn to the kitchen, eating her father’s whimsical creations and learning the art and technique of authentic cooking. Her early food passion followed her to college in Madison Wisconsin, where she met her soulmate, Mike, who was raised in the flour-dusted environs of Pratzel’s Bakery, his family’s famous kosher Jewish bakery in St. Louis. Their fortuitous meeting became a sort of fairy tale life story, which brought together their shared enthusiasm of cooking for others with their love of their newly-minted home town of Madison.

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