The Cookbook

This cookbook shares many beloved recipes of two Madison businesses, The Collins House Bed and Breakfast, and Manna Cafe and Bakery.  The former opened in 1985, a B&B which began, innocently enough, with the simple idea of cooking and serving great food (and sharing our passion for living in Madison) to out-of-town guests in a small homey enviroment, and getting a paycheck to boot!  A lifestyle with benefits.

Much happened in the 20 years the B&B was open, including a growing family, and the expansion of our little business into catering and wholesale bakery; we served the Madison community as well as inn guests.  In 2005 Manna Cafe took the baton and ran with it, not just offering a go-to place for from-scratch brunch, lunch, and bakery fare, but becoming the focal point for a vibrant neighborhood, and a community itself.  Taken together, both businesses have a story to tell about the ties that bind us all as humans, seeking a connectedness that comes, in part from the shared love of food.

The cookbook is part memoir, and part recipes.  It is filled with memories, lore, and lessons learned from two separate but deeply intertwined businesses.  And it offers recipes of cherished menu items, from the simple and straightforward pumpkin chocolate chip muffin, to the multi-step sticky bun, to the technique-driven scrambled egg, or corn tzizel rye bread.  And of course, the oatmeal pancakes.