Restaurant Menus

Call-In Lunch Orders

When to Call:

We are happy to have you call in a to-go order, but, as we are a small restaurant, we do have limitations, including space and volume constraints.   

To help us accomodate you, please use the following guidelines:

  • For 10 or fewer lunch orders, please call at least 2 hours ahead
  • For 11-20 lunch orders, please call at least 2 days ahead
  • For orders of 21-30 lunches, please call at least a day 3 days ahead.   Order of more than 30 we consider catering orders, and we have additional considerations.
  • Hot Food Orders:  In general, larger orders should be all cold foods.  We do not have the capacity to cook large amounts of hot food to be ready all at one time, within the framework of our regular cafe business.  Please limit hot food preorders to 8.
  • If you need an order for pickup the same day you order it, please phone us.   E-mail is fine for planning ahead, but not as reliable for day-of orders.
  • If you are taking your order to either Warner Park OR Olbrich Gardens, please inform us when you place the order.  These facilities require caterers to pay 10% of the food bill to their facility.   Caterers add this amount to your bill, then pay the facilities directly. 
  • While we strive to accomodate everyone, there are times when our workload is such that we cannot accept orders on short notice.  Thanks for your understanding!

How Shall we Package Your Order?:

  • Sandwiches and sides individually wrapped, and assembled in a bag
  • "Bag lunches," labeled with sandwich type or individual customer name
  • Sandwiches halved and trayed on elegant black trays; salads and desserts also arranged on trays or in clear plastic bowls (add 15% to order)

What Else Do You Need to Know?

  • If you need plates or plastic eating ware, let us know - they are available at no charge.
  • For special orders of 10 or more meals, a 10% gratuity is added to your bill.