Focus on Local

Some of the many ways we have connected to the local community are:

  • Supporting efforts to develop the Northside Feed Kitchen, whose construction is now under way.
  • Hosting regular meetings, and buying tiles, for the rebuilding of the Tenney Park Shelter.
  • Hiring and cultivating employees from organizations such as Yahara House and Chrysalis.
  • Providing meeting space to local organizations.
  • Showcasing local artists in our back room.
  • Working to find local food purveyors whose products we can feature, such as using Sassy Cow Dairy and Wisconsin cheeses to create the most luxurious quiche you can imagine.
  • Donating umpteen gift certificates to our local East and Northeast side schools, not-for-profits, and other charitable organizations.
  • Selling in our tiny retail space almost exclusively locally created products, such as Polly Jane's jams, Remitts (mittens made from recycled sweaters and other fabrics to support food shelters), Democracy cookbooks, Dane County Cultural Affairs calendars.........
  • Providing day-old breads and pastries to organizations, and bringing our leftover breads to food pantries or other charitable places.