The Manna “Family”

Today, Manna's growing family of staff and customers is bound together by the joy of seeing one another each day, and by the love of food and good conversation.

From bakers who began the process with us in 2005, to the newbies who join us from time to time, the staff at Manna rocks.  Every employee contributes a new personality, a new idea -- even a new baby has joined the Manna "family."  We cultivate our friendships through staff 4th of July parties, trips to roller derby (and Fast Forward), and a really fun gingerbread decorating extravaganza.  What a great workplace it is when a big part of the draw is coworkers you can't wait to see!

Since Day One, our customer base has grown continuously, and their multitude and diversity color our world.  Consider Bialy Joe, who sits at the counter with the New York Times and a burnt, toasted bialy, and who knows EVERYONE, and who thrives on the joy of well-timed sarcasm! Consider Iced Mocha Chris, who without fail appears around 4:00 for his daily concoction and something sweet from the bakery.  Consider Will, Manna's first baby.  This little man is the epitome of brilliant precociousness, and will someday be president.


Let us make a few introductions:


Kyle Rattner, FOH Manager --  Kyle has been with us several years, always doing whatever was needed for anyone, at any time, and always with cheer.  Calm, gentle, and eager to please, Kyle bridges the needs of staff and customers with grace and energy.


Eric Hanson, Kitchen Manager -- Eric joined us out of culinary school and grew with Manna. Quiet, maybe, but he is filled with an inner spark and gleam that is infectious.  He knows how to keep a kitchen crew together, working at a crazy pace but still having fun. Watch him at "the window" sometime, juggling the timing and quality of numerous tickets simultaneously, and you will get a sense of what it takes to really run a kitchen.


Dan Dan "The Baker Man" Bultman  -- Dan was here when Manna opened, and his uncountable hours of kneading, punching, forming, baking, drizzling, scooping, and creating have blessed Manna with some of the best bakery in the city.  And, especially, he has embraced everything Jewish, helping us to offer fabulous rugelach, challah, and bialys baked with love.


Tony Brendler - Tony is the baker in the a corner of the bakery who spends his days rolling, rolling, rolling, turning out exceptional bakery products whose origins are butter, butter, butter, and lots of it, folded repeatedly into yeasty doughs.  Tony cut his teeth at the old Ovens, and we are grateful for his knowledge of the orginal Morning Bun!   The greatness of our fabulous quiche begins with his "Tony-perfect" crusts.  Tony is always there for anyone, any time - holding our hands when we're hurting, or filling in tirelessly when we're short a body.



  • The Line Crew - It takes a VERY SPECIAL person to juggle perfect timing, perfect cooking, and perfect plating of multiple tables, each order with its own idiosyncracies.  But that's what our amazing staff does, every day.  Poached medium, over easy, 3 orders of pancakes, two with blueberries, one short stack, bacon extra crisp, four scrambles, two with toast, one not too runny........The amount of information can be overwhelming, and the crew here rises to the challenge with energy and focus - right up til closing time when it is time to kick back, relax, and cook and eat their own favorites! 

  • The Fab FOH (Front of House) - One of the best things about our FOH crew is how many of them have been here for so long - they are just as "regular" as our many customers, and the relationships they develop with customers are special to all.  From Hannah, who smiles from ear to ear and knows EVERYONE, to Arun, who will find you a seat when there isn't one. Each staffer is unique (sometimes especially so!), and we hope you get to know us all!